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I'm am now semi-retied after many years of self employment. I used to teach teachers how to use modern and emerging technology Effectively, Economically and Engagingly ('E'-learning). Before that I was a chef and chef-lecturer I update several blogs regularly and have a selection of others that don't see me quite as often. EduVel.wordpress.com, was my main work blog and reflected my work role and thoughts around teaching and learning in the 21st Century. I don't tend to update that any more. Saturdaywalks.wordpress.com is more personal and could be about absolutely anything. [This is updated regluarly]. Shoestringfoods.wordpress.com is my 'food' blog - aiming to show others how easy it is to prepare and eat healthy, nutritious, economical food. [Not updated to much]. Cosynookbooks.wordpress.com is where I reflect upon the books I've read. This is likely to be updated less regularly than the others, because I forget to do it :-( Dsugdenholidays.wordpress.com - is where I log the trips and holidays we have had. [reguarly updated]. I worked in the catering industry for most of my life - teaching chefs for almost seventeen years after working in hotels, hospitals and a wide variety of self-employed roles. :-)

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