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Just a few thoughts.

I’m here in Margate for work. I’ll probably write more about that elsewhere but I just feel like logging the sheer awfulness of hospitality we peripatetic trainers have to put up with.

I’ve just finished a very cold but bracing walk up to Cliftonville and back before deciding that I need to eat. I stopped in a Wetherspoons on the front – which is standard fayre for me if I don’t know a town. Usually the service is the right side of ok and the food is ‘sort of’ ok. However the beers are usually well kept and whilst not always to my taste – are ok.

20121212-213829.jpg– This was nasty.
– The place was awful.
– Number 99 in my top 100 Wetherspoons (I haven’t done 99 yet!)

Then I came back to the Brewers Fayre attached to my Premier Inn. Usually, I can cope with Brewers but here they have the junior boys catering team on display tonight. The ‘all you can eat’ TexMex Buffet (Wednesdays) looked unappetising, dried up and, well – simply awful. And ‘boy-chef’ on duty couldn’t give a monkeys! Boy-barman was so engrossed in talking to his mates he couldn’t hear what I said – always saying ‘pardon?’

Grump grump (service improved – smiles etc. – when the girls came on duty!)

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