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Fridge (whatever) floating in ice-bound canalWhilst I’ve been out and about walking this month (although there’s not been too much of that because of the snow), I’ve been surprised at the amount of rubbish to be seen here and there – just discarded without a care.

I don’t mean the usual rubbish we’ve become mostly immune to (crisp packets, pop and beer cans etc.) but BIG rubbish; white goods such as fridges and freezers.

The canal and hillsides most convenient for the roadside seem to be the favourite places.discarded yellow microwave It must be a case of being able to pull up at the side of the road and throw the stuff out without being seen. The lazy bastards could take a slightly longer journey and take their crap to the tip – it opens every day and it’s free!

We threw out [not ‘threw out’ in the sense of this post though] a defunct dishwasher the other week.

As always, we put stuff like this in front of the house and if it’s still there after a couple of days, we take it to the tip. I say ‘if’ because usually, if it’s something containing any amount of metal, it goes before the sun comes up.

The tatters who go around collecting such things often stop and ask if we have anything, they never come down the drive but they take anything that’s left outside the drive. The dishwasher had been outside less than an hour before it disappeared. Less than an hour!

I wonder what the lazy, thoughtless anti-social pillocks who dump their crap just anywhere would think if we just threw our stuff in their yards or gardens?

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