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Once again, it’s my birthday weekend and like last year [SEE] Sharon has brought me away on a delightful ‘surprise’ weekend. When I say surprise, I don’t mean that I didn’t know I was going away – what I didn’t know is where, or what it involved – just like last year.

The Old Telephone Exchange

This year, we’re at The Old Telephone Exchange, Bishop Monkton in North Yorkshire.

We arrived yesterday (Saturday) just before it got dark. The car was as full as it could be because Sharon has planned to do all the catering herself and she had purchased all ingredients etc. prior to departure. I was given charge of drinks and, being caught out by surprise guests last year, had decided to cover all eventualities by bringing enough booze to sink a car ferry. I’d also brought half a bag of logs that are too big for our log burner at home and another unopened bag of logs – just in case. So unloading the vehicle took a while.

Once unpacked Sharon set-to straight away cooking dinner. I set-to making the fire (man work). I then settled down to relax which is something I rarely do at mealtimes, as it’s usually me doing the cooking. I’ve a stack of Sunday papers, books, Facebook and this blog. Too busy to move 🙂

Last night’s surprise was the arrival of Jo and Mike just in time for dinner. I knew ‘someone’ would appear ‘some time’ but not who or when. So that made for a pleasant evening. The food was delicious. Parsnip and Ginger Soup, Chicken and Ham Tangle Pie, Creme Brulee and (no) cheese and biscuits, which were left in the fridge. 🙂

And that was day one.

Today, my actual birth date, I was presented with Eggs Benedict for breakfast (lovely). Before this though, I walked into the village to see if there was anything resembling a paper shop – Google Maps had suggested there might be, but it was wrong. Nothing to buy here 😦

It was a bitterly cold day, so we decided against taking a hike anywhere and drove instead to Boroughbridge, which was closed and Ripon which wasn’t. The folks around here drive like maniacs – the speed of traffic in the town (City) of Ripon is something to be observed! And, on the way there and back, the amount of overtaking on narrow roads was just TOO much. Nuff said for now. Dinner is being prepared 🙂

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