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Well, we’ve finally been walking on a Saturday morning again! Two weeks ago, I had man-flu, so we didn’t go anywhere and last week we walked around Holmfirth on Sunday morning, which was different.Shows river in full flow at Marsden

This week, because the weather promised to be so appalling we decided to stay on the level and just walk into the wind and rain. Last week’s walk in Holmfirth had been a challenging walk on a crisp yet sunny day, but you can’t walk many yards without encountering a hill in that part of Summer Wine Country.

Today’s walk started down by the River Colne and took us along the road by the University, past the new Premier Inn building site at Aspley and along the Huddersfield Broad Canal towpath as far as the river Calder at Cooper Bridge, Bradley. There are only nine locks on this canal, over its four mile length – which gives some idea of how flat that is.  I was brought up at a time when this part of the Huddersfield canal system was called the Sir John Ramsden Canal after the local landowner/Lord of the Manor, a chap who features in much of Huddersfield’s history.  The Huddersfield Narrow canal (which flows to the south west of the town) by contrast, follows a steep track up the Colne Valley – with forty two locks between the town and Marsden, Tunnel End.

We returned via the cycle path which now follows the route of the old Huddersfield – Kirkburton railway line, as far as Fartown and then turned up towards Birkby where we were able to peruse and purchase Asian groceries, before continuing into town and back to the car. Birkby, where I used to live when I first married, now has a huge variety of Asian food shops where just about anything you want can be purchased. I bought a big bag of paprika, ready for a large batch of Hungarian Goulasch I plan to make over the next couple of weeks.

Now I’m watching the rugby.

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