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six bottle tops - all show Sam Adams awards around the worldAmerican beers do not get a good press over here in the UK do they?

Budweiser for example, comes in a variety of disguises (I’ve always wondered what the ‘Lite’ tag referred to – the colour, the calories, the taste maybe?) and have never really got the answer. http://www.budweiser.co.uk/ I’m not even convinced that it’s brewed in the States; after all, the eponymous French beer Stella Artois that we find available in the UK is brewed IN THE UK!

We see also Coors and Miller (Lite), over here but to be fair (luckily), they are not representative of the beers available in the USA. I’ve had some really tasty beers in America and have been lucky enough to find a couple locally this last two months.

Beer bottle label - Sierra Nevada, brewed in the USASam Adams [Boston Lager] – http://www.samueladams.com/enjoy-our-beer/boston-lager.aspx – could be found at Aldi during July, as part of their annual celebration of Independence Day (along with Sharon’s favourite – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!)

Sierra Nevada [Pale Ale] can be now seen at Tesco’s surprisingly and both are avaialble from a variety of online retailers – at a cost.

But it is worth spending a little extra to experience the taste of these fine American beers. Real beer drinkers will soon realise that the overwhelming organoleptic sensation with these beers is ‘taste’, rather than ‘wetness’. Try one, tell Uncle Sam I sent you 😉

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