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The news bulletin depressed me tonight.

Having said that, the News often depresses me; it’s hard to feel cheerful when you are constantly bombarded with media-rich, alarmist, sensational ‘news’. I stopped watching regularly a long time ago, when I realised that it was always biased towards ‘popular’ opinion, often unbalanced and confrontational.

But tonight, I was in a hotel room changing to go out for dinner and the chambermaid had left the tele on (he/she was obviously watching/listening to Wimbledon whilst busily cleaning my room). The big news was this week’s national(ish) strike by public sector workers. The ‘balanced’ opinion was asking people what they thought of the strike and showing one ‘for’ and one ‘against’ – so much for popularist reporting! The alarmist side of the report was provided by a variety of politicians, including Wilfred Pickles, Toff Cameron and diddy Milliband. What saddened me was that their verbal garbage was exactly the same stuff turned out by Thatcher’s henchmen way back when. It made me shiver – they do say that what goes around, comes around.

I was further depressed by those members of the public employed by ‘The Private Sector’ implying that the public sector have it easy and that ‘they’ (the Private Sector) have to suck it up and get on with it. Yet others, said ‘but teachers have such long holidays’! What person EACH interviewee misses – is the point! This is a protest (no doubt forlorn but a protest nevertheless) over pensions and the theft and misappropriation of million’s of workers pension funds: public AND private. Perhaps I go too far there, perhaps it’s not exactly (or not just) pension funds that have been stolen and misappropriated, but for goodness sake, all governments have known since the baby boom days, that we would have and ageing population in the 2000’s.

Or, didn’t they? I did – I was told in college in 1967.

B.t.w. I was also told about global warming!

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