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I shouldn’t be writing this, after all I should know better, but why oh why can’t city centre food be better than it is? It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it as such, it does what it says ‘on the tin’ – but it’s so … what’s the word? … sloppy!

To be fair we were wet and miserable after last night’s trek around a rain-soaked Glasgow but we did look forward to an Italian meal at Da Magggio’s. It had come recommended (as had La Parmigiano – thanks Lesley) and it did have that ‘New York Italian’ feel as we went in. It was bustling but not full and the service was attentive, even if somewhat surely and unsmiling.

I don’t usually have starters anymore as I just can’t take the volume of food, but I did fancy a Minestrone, one that purported to be ‘home made’. I wasn’t too disappointed to realise once I was eating it, that it probably was ‘home made’ but from a packet – and then doctored. No worries – I can live with that (unlike the bread, which I declined at up to £5 per portion). Sharon played safe with a rocket and parmesan salad that was tasty; garlicky but tasty. Andrew had Chilli Natchos which he said were mild and boring (which is again ok, the restaurant cannot account for all tastes and he does like fiery hot food).

The three of us then ordered pizza – no danger there is there? Debbie had a Salmon dish which she adored.

My pizza was a Margherita with anchovies – a favourite of mine. But it came swimming in oil. I’d eaten a good bit of it before I realised that it wasn’t just [cheap] cheese oil that had cooked out (although this was also evident on Sharon and Andrew’s pizzas), it was the anchovy oil that was also floating about. It took all of my napkin and all of my patience to dip up the fat and in the end I left a good third of the food. I was full, but it hadn’t been pleasant.

It doesn’t take much to drain the fish before use does it? It doesn’t take much to smile when serving folks either? And yet, everyone else in the restaurant seemed happy with their food. Is it just me? (us).

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