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I’m afraid to say that the new ruling leaves me bewildered.

What new ruling? That of the European Parliament which say that only Pasties made in Cornwall, from a traditional Cornish recipe can be called a ‘Cornish Pasty’. Seen first here.

So, what’s bewildering about that? Well, where do you stop for one thing – should Yorkshire Puddings only be made in Yorkshire to a traditional Yorkshire Pudding recipe? What’s one of those – you could put ten Yorkshire born cooks of all calibre in a room and still have ten ‘traditional’ recipes. Should Lancashire Hotpots only be … (yadda yadda yadda – you know where I’m going)? And, I suspect the same can be said of Cornish Pasties – 10 chefs = ten recipes.

However, what’s more bewildering (actually it isn’t, I realise that it’s just big business protectionism on a national, rather than international scale) is the fact that “Cornish pasties can be baked elsewhere in the country as long as they are prepared in the west country” (by which I suppose they mean Cornwall, rather than Devon or Somerset etc.) Quote seen here.

Fair enough chaps – but what will you do when Cheddar Cheese needs to be treated the same way? How on earth will you answer to the wrath of cheese makers the world over, who will thereafter have to sell ‘generic hard cheese, made the way it’s made in Somerset England‘ – actually it probably isn’t anyway 😉

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