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Well, I’m sure that others would have carried out much more research than me (us), but arriving in our new home and finding that the T.V. aerial didn’t work came as quite a shock.

There IS an aerial, and an aerial wire, but nothing comes out of it! Bugger!!

So, once we’d begun to come out of our ‘just moved’ stupor we began to think of how we could get a T.V. signal again. We do have (at the time of writing – had!) a Humax machine that allows us to record Freeview so we were able to watch already recorded stuff, whenever we found the time.

So we found an aerial guy in the paper and called him. He came around; he fitted a Manhattan Freesat box and away he went. Well actually, it wasn’t as simple as that. 

I’d asked him to tell me why the aerial lead wouldn’t work and after a few minutes he was able to tell me that we don’t have an aerial. First of all ‘doh!’ I could have looked and seen that, but knowing that our new house had a satellite dish; I’d have thought (very wrongly) that THAT worked as an aerial – it doesn’t. He pointed out that Slaithwaite couldn’t see the Emily Moor transmitter without a 12-15 foot high aerial on the roof (we have no chimney stacks to fasten these to) and that for us to get anything at all it would have to be pointed at the Cop Hill relay, which would give us less stations and ‘some ghosting’. So when he mentioned Freesat – what could I do!

Only when he’d fitted the box (with all the resulting chopping and changing of wires) did he say ‘oh, you have a Humax’ (actually he didn’t even then, only when I asked how we would connect the new Freesat box to the Humax did he say ‘you can’t!‘). It’s not that the Humax was hidden; he’d had to move it to get to the back of the T.V. What he could have said, had he not been keen to just get one of his own units fitted washa – you have a Humax! That won’t work with Freesat, if you want to pause live T.V. and record programmes, you’ll need a new Humax (e.g. Freesat Recorder) – I can get you one of those and have it fitted by the day after tomorrow”.

But he didn’t.

And only belated, extensive research has found the unit we need (should have had if the research had been carried out earlier). And we need it because we’ve become used to recording the programmes we like and watching them when WE want, not when they are broadcast – and pausing them, or live T.V. while we make a cup of tea. Grrr.

Anyone got any advice on new T.V.s?

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