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It’s been a busy month!

On Monday 30th July, we moved into our new home. That being said, it’s taken until now to get halfway settled. Our new home is a new-build, and for us a downsize 😀.


So, besides having to chuck a load of stuff away, we’ve also had to buy furniture that has lots of ‘hidden’ storage. Yea for IKEA. I’m sure that others might have said that it was bound to happen but – we had some issues with IKEA’s delivery service. Because the new apartment’s postcode cannot be found on large company databases we had to visit the store in Leeds to make and pay for our order. That was Monday.  They, the delivery area folks at IKEA said it would be delivered “tomorrow’ – Tuesday, “between 10:00am and 16:00pm”.  Whoo-oo.

We’d given the project manager’s postcode (she lives just up the same road) and off we went looking forward to a day building stuff.

19:00pm came before we were finally told that the delivery would now come “tomorrow’ – Wednesday, “between 10:00am and 16:00pm”.  And so, it did, mid-afternoon with no more than two minutes warning (which is 58 mins short of that promised). They also delivered a few other things addressed to other people in Halifax and in Huddersfield. As we were going out later to spend the evening with friends being entertained by Robbie Hunter-Paul at Elland golf club, we only managed to complete half of the delivery, which was itself ONLY HALF of the order we’d delivered. Sharon phoned IKEA on Thursday and asked whether/if/when our order might be completed.

Someone eventually phoned back and said that Leeds IKEA had now run out of stock (of the main item missing) and that they had re-ordered it via the Ashton-under-Lyne branch.  It would be delivered on Friday between 07:00am and 19:00pm.  We received another phone call on late on Thursday to say this wasn’t now going to happen as Leeds had found the missing half of our order. We eventually had the final items from our order delivered on Saturday. We’d told IKEA about the extra items (Halifax and Huddersfield) but the delivery guys were not interested. Charity shop then?

Whoo-oo, we have storage.

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Two years ago, I spent some time cataloguing the growth of a peony plant (bush?) that can be seen from the kitchen window. You can see the ‘catalogue’ here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dsugden/sets/72157626315206872/

I’d Peonies planted the peony when we first moved here ten years ago – I’ve always thought that she (I think of it as a she) was a bright and showy madam, perhaps a little on the blousy side? When the weather is kind, she is certainly a show off.

During the early stages of growth she can achieve something approaching 1″ (2.5cm?) a day and you begin to think that the flowers will be out ‘any time now’ – but she likes to keep us waiting.

This year, she has been keeping us waiting longer than usual. This photo was taken on April 25th 2011. And this photo was taken today – May 29th 2013. There’s very little difference!

We seem to be over a month behind with everything this year. The magnolia is only just flowering, the rhododendrons are usually in full bloom by Spring Bank holiday (which finished yesterday) but they are only just appearing and the laburnum hasn’t flowered yet!

So, is this a good thing (perhaps this is more normal than it was a few years ago)? or a bad thing (food crops may also be affected)?

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