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Whilst we’re here working; on weekdays, Monday to Friday we are only required on site during the twilight shift: 4:00pm until 8:00pm. However, Saturday and Sunday are full days: 9.00am – 5:30pm. Other weekday times are spent catching up or preparing for the job.


So, continuing Saturday’s frustration with the Internet; on Sunday we found that the newly installed LAN was only marginally better than the WiFi. We delivered as much as we could with paper and skilled procrastination until the IT guys asked if it was better now. When we tried, we found that it was indeed better, still not what we needed, but better. They said, “let us know, because we can always turn it up”!!!!!! What! Really? Can they turn access to the Internet Up and Down like a tap turns water on and off? Well, we hope to find out later today, Monday, when we get there.

I did some online work this morning (Monday) before going out with Alison and Adele to Lalbagh Gardens and the shops on Brigade Road. There are really cheap Adidas and Converse shops here, so it’s a great place to come of that’s what you want. We had lunch in Starbucks, which is one of the few WiFi Oases around – everyone seems to have some kind of data contract and everyone has a phone. Apparently those places selling alcohol are not allowed to provide WiFi; at least that’s what we’re told.

Lalbagh is an extensive, beautiful park, first developed in the 18th Century, right in the middle of a mayhem/mess of roads. Once there, after some time in traffic that can only be imagined, you find yourself in a peaceful oasis of calm and reflection. Monkeys can be seen, chipmunks are abundant and there are trees and building of all kinds – enough to keep one enthralled and occupied for as long as you like. Alison had warned me that ‘white’ people are another attraction of the park (us!) and although we attracted no attention last year – this year we were thronged with requests for photographs and approached for handshakes and ‘hello’s”. Everyone we met this way was delightful – very friendly and full of fun. Of course the main attraction for most boys we met was Adele, Alison’s daughter (18) but they still asked for pictures with me, which I DID find strange!

Three wise monkeys

Even walking around today, random folks would come up to us and say ‘good morning’ and sometimes shake hands. It’s really nice. After work today (it’s now Tuesday) we went to the Biere Club near UB City and instead of walking back, which we’d done previously, we caught an auto rickshaw. Once we were back I thanked the driver and said thank you in Hindi. His reply was “Muslim sir, Muslim’ … so not knowing what Arabic for thank you was I simply said ‘Salam aleikum and offered him my hand, which he took and replied with words and a smile.

Such bliss to be part of a reasonably centred human race.

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