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Well here we go again.

Ham Shop

Day 1

Following last year’s interesting trip to India and the subsequently even more interesting trip back (see), I’m on my way there again. As before, I’m sat in the business lounge at Manchester Airport waiting for my flight to Heathrow to be called. But it could have been much less relaxed …

I decided to come here by train as getting to the airport by car at this time is a nightmare. So I booked a taxi for 6:15am to get me into town for the 6:40am train. 25 minutes is plenty of time at this time of day, but could take well over half an hour just a little later.

The taxi didn’t turn up.

Now, there is a train to Huddersfield at 6:19am but even though I could have made it on foot, I couldn’t have made it with two suitcases and calling by the taxi office en route. So I had to get Sharon up to race me into town. Thank goodness she was able to do that or the day would have been even more ‘interesting’ than it’s already turning out to be.

Now, I’ve just heard that my flight to India #BA119 is already delayed by almost two hours! Grrr.

Day 2

I’m picking this up now from India – February 13th 2015.12G twice

Because of the delay, my lay over in Heathrow was extended to around five hours. Yet, although I will never get those five hours back in my life, I (we) did still arrive safely in India this morning.

However, even that wasn’t straightforward. Alison had not been able to book a seat when she booked in online. Because of the 24-hour rule, I was able to book mine earlier than Alison because my first flight left Manchester at 10:00am – I’d warned her then, that there were not many seats left in our Premium Economy cabin. Once she was able to book online she booked her daughter (who is with us for a week) in first and then when she tried her own booking it said – ‘see someone at the airport’. Which she did!

However, Alison’s explanation that she was travelling with her daughter and a colleague and that they both had seats must have been misunderstood – because both Alison and I ended up with boarding passes for 12G (daughter had 12F). So as we both approached the check-in, it seems that BA’s solution to the problem was to bump me (the original 12G holder) up to business class.

Well, what can I say! Despite all the earlier traumas of the day; a nice bed to lie in, with tasty food, eaten with proper metal knives and forks, a cheeky Crozes Hermitage and a good selection of films to watch was a real journey maker.

Our passage though immigration, through customs and then via taxi to the hotel was seamless and after a day relaxing and catching up with two days work, it’s nearly bedtime. At last.

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