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I always said that I would try not to be a grumpy old man (not that I’m old).

However, not being grumpy isn’t easy these days. As I said in https://saturdaywalks.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/sixty/ and continued in https://saturdaywalks.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/sixty-two/, I am currently getting one or two things off my chest because I feel I should. The first item discussed (un) employment and the second pensions. I’m sure that there are many others who feel the same way as me and who feel just as frustrated. I was encouraged after reading this Huffington Post article today!

I was wandering around town the other day (I’d arranged to meet the glorious Lisa Featherstone and had arrived early) and I noticed the tourist exchange rates in Travel Agent windows. They haven’t change much in two years have they?

You’d think that if the Euro (€) was faring so badly, the exchange rate ( £ v €) would be better for us in the UK – but apart from the odd €c, there’s hardly any change. It’s the same with the US dollar ($) too. If America has such a huge debt – bigger than that of the whole of Europe (as yesterday’s papers lead me to believe) – why is it still so expensive to buy dollars?

And, while I’m at it (I’ll finish with this) – fuel costs! Are we being taken for a ride (again)?

First of all, if Libya is now getting back online and oil is beginning to flow freely – why is the pump cost still creeping up? It’s almost impossible to buy Diesel for less than £1.40 per litre now. £6.39 per Gallon. Six Pounds Thirty nine!

I know the old arguments about China’s thirst for oil etc. – but they also needed oil back in January/February when the Libyan thing kicked off. What changed as the oil started to flow again?

Just asking.

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