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Creative Commons re:http://www.flickr.com/photos/12567713@N00/What is it about mini-roundabouts that often makes drivers forget all about driving laws, lose their common sense, become temporarily insane and/or blind?

Just down the road in Golcar (one direction) and Slawit (the other direction) there are important mini-roundabouts.

The one in Golcar is placed so that traffic entering a fairly major road (Scar Lane) from Sycamore Lane, which filters a series of housing estates, can easily do so. The one in Slawit (Slaithwaite) allows two minor roads to join a major road dog-leg at a crossroad. Both are attacked ferociously by users of the historical routes (straight up or down Scar Lane in Golcar, and left onto the canal bridge – or visa versa in Slawit). Users of each minor road simply sit and wait for traffic to pass – even if they are at the roundabout first, often by a long period.


When I approach these roundabouts, and see someone on one of the other approaches, obviously there before me, I slow and wait for them to manoeuvre – but often they just sit there waiting for me to join before them. For no other reason than I’m on the road that used to be (many years ago) the main road.

I’ve never seen mini-roundabouts anywhere else I’ve driven in the world. In the USA, wherever there are no other crossroad controls, they have ‘four-way-stops’. Each approachee has to STOP. They then proceed in turn. That seems to work. So why doesn’t ‘give way to traffic on the roundabout’ work here?

Is it just me?

Extra info: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/3899/mini-roundabouts-report.pdf

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