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indexWe Spent a couple of weeks in Spain, early in December before returning home on the 19th.  Because of this we’d used postal votes in the election for what good they eventually did.

I may well reflect on the election result and what that may mean later.

This year, we stayed at home to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with family and friends. It is the first time in many a year that we have been home at that time of year. But, it was very enjoyable.

We spent Christmas Day ay Betony and Josh’s.  I think that I believed Betony’s invite to be along the lines of come along and I’ll do Christmas dinner but I was mistaken. I spent a fair bit of Christmas Eve doing food preparation for the day (making soup, cooking ham, peeling vegetables, preparing stuffing etc.) and then Sharon went along on the day to ‘help’ do the cooking.  The meal was great, the company was great and it was a pleasure to be cooked for on the day.


Following that, we went up to Carol’s on Boxing Day to join her and Mick for what turned out to be a meal. Others had been invited too, but apart from Joanne and family, they had been and gone by the time we got there.  So, we all played cards with Florence, while Carol and Joanne finished off in the kitchen.  Another really enjoyable day.

On the 28th, we went up to Emma’s for tea. We took Chester with us too as Betony was a bit poorly and tired (she’s pregnant too).  It was great to see the girls again. We’d been up at the beginning of December for Amy’s birthday but that was a school night, so we didn’t see much of them. Today’s meal was great too, two kinds of pork from the local butcher’s https://www.jbrindonaddy.co.uk/ – Thank you Emma, another lovely day.

For several years prior to us wintering in Spain, Sharon and I had alternated New Year’s Eves entertaining or being entertained by Tony and Gill.  Having decided to spend late December in the U.K. this year we were able to recommence this arrangement. We invited David and Gail to join us and a jolly time was had by all.  We had –

Parsnip and Ginger Soup;

Cod wrapped in Serrano Ham, baked and served with mustard sauce;

Carrillada with creamed potatoes and broccoli,

Chocolate Pudding and…


We arrived in Spain late on the 3rd January 2020 and I’ll pick up the story now, over on the holiday weblog.

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I’ve just had a very enjoyable couple of days, at home, with friends.

First of all, on Friday lunchtime and afternoon, I was joined by ex-NLN and MoLeNET colleagues: Lilian Soon, Karen Ford, John Whalley, Ron Mitchell and Nick Jeans. [See xxx for more information about how I met these friends]. John was first to arive, by train from Beverley in East Yorkshire. The others arrived over time, having had a variety of journeys. Nick drove over from Sheffield, Karen from the Welsh Borders and Lils from Selby. Ron had caught the train from Newark. By One o’clock we were all together.

Lilian had brought some garlic prawns and John’s wife June had made us some delicious sausage rolls. So with my samosas, albondigas, chorizo potatoes and feta-bacon salad – we had a delightful meal. followed by Bara Brith courtesy of Karen.

It was great to catch up after what, for most of us had been two years. I still see Karen regularly and work with John online but we haven’t been together like this for many years.

Open House
Then yesterday, Saturday, we’d organised a house warming party. It’s six months since since we moved and we’ve finally completed all (most) of the stuff we’d hoped to complete this year. We’ve had fires fitted back and front (rooms), bedroom furniture (our previous home had built-in wardrobes) has been bought and we have anew telly. Sorted.

So now was the time to welcome friends into our ‘new’ home. I’d decided on an ‘open-house’ theme as I know that people have busy visiting calendars at this time of year – so it gave folks chance to just pop in and move on or to stay a while. Everyone seemed to get on with each other, we fed them, watered them and wished them a happy Christmas and New Year as they left. Hopefully we will see much more of friends in the coming year.

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