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Saturday Walks

I really should have started doing this much much earlier.

I’ve been out walking on a Saturday for many many years. At first it used to be that I was out for most of the day but for the last five or so years, it’s been limited to Saturday mornings. My walking companion is usually John Rousell, and for all of those many years (possibly 15 or 16) we have walked and talked most of the greater Huddersfield/Kirklees area and often further abroad too. In 1999 we also cycled from Barmouth in Wales to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk – just because we could and because it is just about the widest part of the country to do a coast to coast cycle ride! See: http://www.village-e-learning.co.uk/cycleride/cycleride.htm

However, for this first dedicated post my walking partner was Tony Tighe from Calderdale Training. Tony and I have known each other for over 20 years have have become great friends. We’d planned to go to Reeth, in Swaledale with Sharon and Tony’s wife Gill this weekend John hadn’t expected to be out walking with me this week. However, we were thwarted by the awful weather. The keys to the cottage we’d booked in Reeth have still not arrived (we’ve had no post for the best part of a week), but we postponed anyway because the weather in North Yorkshire seemed to be atrocious.

Nevertheless, we’d made some preparations and decided that we’d still have the planned meal at our house, exactly as we’d planned to have in Reeth. So, we had a Baked Camembert with crudités and locally baked bread (Gill brought a loaf she’d baked too); Beef Bourguignonne – a favourite; Sharon’s take on Bertei’s Bomb (ice cream, home made toffee, meringue and whisky – she usually uses Baileys but I got a good draft of Glenmorangie in there this time). We had a great evening.

Then on Saturday, Tony and I took a walk around Bolster Moor and on towards Pole Moor. There is still a lot of snow about following a week where the weather has been worse than at any time before my birthday (next week) than I can remember since being a child. We walked through drifts and along snow covered back-roads and had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours. The sun was bright, the views were superb and we were both wrapped up warm.

What a cracking morning’s walk.

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